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Physical Therapy Products

omni ballThe Omni-directional ball spreads pressure, helping to ease tension and promote relaxation. Its unique design and quirky appearance makes it an ideal gift or gadget for everyday use.

  • Provides the pressure and mobility necessary for a great massage.
  • Reduces stress and fatigue on fingers, hands and elbows.
  • The omni-directional massage ball diffuses the intensity of direct pressure to the surrounding tissue.
  • Can be used hot or cold or in any wet environment.
  • Comfortable to grip and easy to use.





thera band

TheraBand™ latex Exercise Bands are available in 8 color-coded levels of resistance. Proper use of these systems for resistive exercise provides both positive and negative force on the muscles, improving strength, range of motion and cooperation of muscle groups. Color-coded progressive resistance gives at-a-glance documentation of progress from one level to the next.


Valeo Burst Resistent Exercise Ball

Strengthen Your Core Muscles
What most people consider to be the biggest benefit of using an exercise ball is its ability to strengthen your core muscles. These are the muscles in your abs and back; the muscles you work so hard to tone up with crunches. When you do exercises on a ball, your abdominal and back muscles are constantly working to make adjustments and keep you balanced. Unlike traditional exercises, the ball works the muscles on the front and back of your body at the same time, promoting a more balanced and healthy physique. Even if you’re targeting a different area, your core muscles are still getting exercise. Plus, there are tons of exercises you can do on a ball that focus on strengthening and toning these muscles even more.

Improve Your Posture & Relieve Sore Upper Back Muscles
If you slump at a desk all day and find that your back, neck, and shoulders are sore at night, you can definitely benefit from an exercise ball. By toning your core muscles, exercise balls can do wonders for your posture. When your core is toned, the muscles keep working after you’re done working out, helping you sit up straight. You can get this benefit even without working out by replacing your desk chair with an exercise ball. This way you to maintain proper posture to stay on the ball and work your core at the same time! If you don’t think your workplace will allow you to sit on an exercise ball at your desk, they make exercise ball chairs that provide the same benefit with a more professional look.

Help With Rehabilitation
Have you had a previous injury to your back, knee or hip? Do you worry about exercising because it might aggravate your condition? An exercise ball can help. The ball can be used to support your body while you stretch or build muscles. Those with back injuries may even be able to find some relief from pain by lying on the ball. These balls are so good for helping relieve strain and preventing future injury, they’re often used by physical therapists for back rehabilitating back injuries.

Improve Your Flexibility
If you find it hard to bend, move, and even touch your toes, an exercise ball can help you improve your flexibility. It can help you stretch yourself farther, but it can also provide support so you can stretch certain muscles more safely. Their ability to help stretch you out is one of the biggest reasons physical therapists swear by these balls.